About Us

callout2In 1999, Joe Cresswell, Dirtguard owner/inventor and car enthusiast, went online looking for a product that could separate the dirt and particles from his wash mitts, and eliminate the scratches the dirty wash water was leaving on his car’s fine black paint.

Joe owns and manages a professional hardwood flooring company in his community. Working with all kinds of sand paper, he knows that dirt and particles work like sandpaper on your paint job. Joe’s search for a “better way to wash your ride” came up empty. That was when he began to work on a prototype of his own that would produce the kind of results he was looking for.

Dirtguard pictures 032The design and all of its features came together and the Dirtguard is now patented and on the market. After a few years at SEMA, the Dirtguard Auto Wash System is now recognized as a must-have car washing tool and has been picked up by many leading companies. Our product is currently being distributed around the country, available at many retail locations and here at this website. Word of mouth is getting our product to the forefront.

We are striving to reach our goal of being available on all store shelves as a leading product in car care, and being available to all consumers nationwide. Ask about us at your local auto care store. If not yet available there, tell them you want it!

You now have a new product available to you that you can include in your car care arsenal of car washing accessories.