How It Works


The Bucket

4.5 gallon bucket with custom snap in system for the Dirtguard auto wash system


The Filter System

Waterproof and synthetic filter mesh designed to trap small particles such as the dirt and grit you just washed off your vehicle. Not allowing the dust/grit to regurgitate back into your clean water. Creating the cleanest water at all times while washing your vehicle.

Every time you dip your wash mitt into the soapy water, simply rub the wash mitt on the wash board tabs.

You are now extracting the dirt and grit off your wash mitt that you just removed from your paint job, not allowing your mitt to get worse as you continue washing your vehicle

At the same time you are placing the surface damaging elements through the triple strainer system where they are getting trapped by the enclosed filtration system not allowing them to regurgitate back up into your clean water- cutting down on paint damage, scratches, micro marring and swirls that otherwise appear when using the old fashion way to wash your vehicle.


The Washboard, Triple Strainer System

The American made wash board, triple strainer is the key to the success of the dirtguard autowash system. Invented and designed by a car care perfectionist.

Simply rubbing your wash mitt onto the washboard tabs helps remove the dirt and grit you have just washed off your vehicle and happy into the filtration system.

Revolutionizing the world in the first step in auto care as we all know it.